February 21, 2023

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Angie’s List Promotes Value of Gutter Cleaning

Angie’s List Promotes Value of Gutter Cleaning

by Allison Hester, eClean Magazine Editor


The attached article by Angie’s List founder Angie Hicks can be downloaded, posted on your website or printed off to give to potential gutter cleaning customers.

Angie’s list found Angie Hicks recently wrote an article on the need for gutter cleaning and how to select a gutter cleaning professional. The article has been popping up in newspapers nationwide. Many people are familiar with Angie’s List, so this is a wonderful piece of literature you can use as a marketing tool. To make it even easier on you, eClean Magazine has taken the article and laid it out in two simple one-page layouts to choose from that you can feel free to print off to give to potential customers and/or post to your website.

Angies List Gutter

We have also take the cover article from Issue 18 of eClean — which was written as a piece that could be used for marketing as well — and posted it below. Again, feel free to download, post or distribute to customers.

Why Clean Gutters Matter


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