May 24, 2017

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eClean Article Index

eClean Article Index

Miss an issue? Looking for a particular article? This index can not only help you find the article faster, it will take you directly to the issue you want to read. Just click on the blue underlined “Issue” or the cover photo and we’ll take you where you want to go.


Issue 15

  • Cleaning Historic Brick, by Larry Kotke, Dietrich Technologies
  • Lead Paint & Pressure Washing
  • Insurance for Power Washing: Understanding What You Need
  • “Live the Dream:” The PWNA Annual Convention and Technical Seminar, October 17-19 in Orlando
  • PWNA Vendor Profile: Timber Ox
  • Cleaning Historic Windows
  • No Job Is Too Big or Too Small, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial
  • How to Pay Your Distributors on Time, by Tom Grandy, Grandy & Associates
  • History of the Squeegee
  • Helping Resurrect Classic Cars, by Aaladin Industries
  • Pressure Washing Guidance for Cleaning Stains from Concrete, by Paul Horsley

Issue 15 

  • Understanding Shopping Center Power Washing, by Steven Button, CleanFast USA
  • Introducing Street Bidder: A New Mobile App hat May not Put an End to the Flyer
  • PWNA Fleet Washing Certifications: Landing More Customers, Making More Money
  • PWNA Vendor Profile:
  • Working with Hydrofluoric Acid, by Linda Chambers, Soap Warehouse
  • The PWRA: Closing in on 200 Members…Fast
  • Build a Win-Win Relationship with Your Distributor, by Tom Grandy, Grandy and Associates
  • Surviving the Storm: One UAMCC Member’s Personal Experience with the Moore, Oklahoma Tornado
  • Focus on Neutral Cleaners, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial
  • Commercial Pressure Washing: Essential Elements of an Employee Training Program, by Paul Horsley
  • Look for Cost-Saving Options When Choosing a Pressure Washer for Fleets, by Aaladin Industries and Steel Eagle

Download the pdf files: 1-22 and 23-39

Issue 14 

  • Water, Water Everywhere: The Marine Industry
  • Cleaning Product Add-Ons: Tom Sickel of Knight Norros Explains Why It’s a Smart Idea
  • Networking: Why Bother? by Tony Evans, A New View Window Cleaning
  • 3 Tips for “Streak Free” Business Networking, by Larry Miller, Larry Miller, Inc.
  • PWNA Vendor Profile: Seal ‘n Lock
  • PWNA Flatwork Certification: How It’s Raising One Company’s Bottom Line
  • Commercial Powerwashing Equipment: Types of Trigger Guns, by Paul Horsley
  • Lessons from the Sales Rack
  • 5th Annual Midwest Cleaning Event
  • Marine Cleaning Requires Smart Equipment Choices, by Steel Eagle
  • Bring in the Bounty: Spring Cleaning Exposed, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial
  • How to Get Free Publicity for Your Product or Service, by Michael Fleischman
  • Correct, Don’t Break: Improving Your Skills, by Bill Kinnard, Grandy & Associates
  • Play Business Like Golf, by George Hedley, Hard Hat Presentations

Download the pdf files: 1-9, 10-17, 18-25, 26-37

Issue 13 

  • High-Rise Cleaning: 4 Things to Consider before Taking the Plunge
  • Ladder Safety and You, by Tony Evans, A New View Window Cleaning
  • Collecting Information on Your Competitors: Discover the Do’s and Don’ts of Competitive Intelligence
  • Mark Your Calendars: 2013 PWNA Convention & Trade Show, October 17-19
  • PWNA Vendor Profile: Soap Warehouse
  • Benefit from Emotional Control, by Bill Kinnard, Grandy & Associates
  • Helps Family in Need
  • How to Prevent Accidents: Stay Alert, Stay Focused, Stay Safe, by Larry Miller, Larry Miller, Inc.
  • Stay on Your Feet (If You Can), by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supply
  • Which Online Directories Should You Use for Your Small Business? by Henry Bockman, Contractor’s Foundation
  • What Happened in Vegas: A Recap of the 2013 Garage Cleaning Event
  • How to Build Your Brand, by Jenna Horsley
  • 4 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Building, by Paul Horsley

Download the pdf files: eClean Pages 1-15, 16-34

Issue 12 

  • Perfect Power Wash, Akron, Ohio: Cleaning Houses Across America
  • Window Cleaning FAQs: Residential vs. Commercial, by Larry Miller, Larry Miller, Inc. Window Cleaning Svc.
  • Residential Cleaning with Surface Spinners, by Steel Eagle
  • Spray and Pray, by Dan Galvin, Owner of East Coast Power Washing
  • Pressure Washing & Spring Cleaning: How to Avoid Damaging Your Home or Business, by Paul Horsley
  • Debunking Chemical Myths, by Pete Marentay, Sun Brite Supply
  • Thank You Larry Hinckley
  • Understanding the PWNA’s BMPs
  • PWNA Vendor Profile: EDI Distributors
  • How Do Online Directories Benefit Small Businesses? (Pt. 2), by Henry Bockman, Contractor’s Foundation
  • Snapshots of the 2013 Pressure Washing Seminar
  • PWRA Explodes Across America…and Beyond! by Thad Eckhoff, Pressure Washing Resource Association
  • Let Go to Grow!, by George Hedley
  • To Be or not: Should a Janitorial Contract Include Disposables?, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supply

Download the pdf files: 1-6, 7-19, 20-27, 28-35

Issue 11 

  • WHY Are You Buying WHAT You’re Buying?
  • Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder, by Larry Miller, Larry Miller, Inc.
  • PWNA Vendor Profile: Armstrong Clark
  • Three PWNA Certification Courses Offered in March
  • Why I Joined the PWNA, by Guy Triger, Puma Power Wash
  • How to Get the Most from Your Past Customers, by Linda Chambers, Soap Warehouse
  • 2013 Pressure Washing Seminar, Mar. 13-16, Albany, NY
  • Do You Need a Hot Water Machine? by Aaladin Industries
  • Are You Ready to Spring into Action? by Tony Evans, A New View Window Cleaning
  • Floor Finishing Mythologies, Part 2, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supply
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve, by Jason Wellman,
  • Get Listed! by Henry Bockman, Contractor’s Foundation
  • Benefits of Spring Cleaning with Commercial Power Washing, by Paul Horsley
  • Snapshots of the 2013 IWCA Convention & Trade Show

Download the pdf files: Feb 1-7, 8-17, 18-27

Issue 10 

  • Pressure Washing Indoors
  • Vacuum Recovery Systems, by Steel Eagle
  • Why I Use What I Use: The Unger SpeedClean Indoor Window Cleaning Kit
  • Chandelier Cleaning, by Keith S. Campbell, Acu-Bright Chandelier Services Additional Features
  • Staying Committed to Your Business Plan, by Carlos Gonzales, New Look Power Wash
  • PWNA Announces 2013 Certification Schedule
  • Power Washers of North America: What it Means to be a Member, by Paul Horsley
  • Hydro Tek: Big Enough to Deliver, Small Enough to  Care
  • Marketing Your Company On A Budget? Get Free Advertising On Craigslist!, by Henry Bockman, Contractor’s Foundation
  • Floor Finishing Mythologies, Part 1, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supply
  • Keeping Cool: Tips for Storing Pressure Washers in Winter, by Paul Horsley

Download the pdf files: January 1-6, january 7-18, January 19-28


December 2012 (Issue 9)

  • Surviving Sandy: Cleaning the Hurricane’s Aftermath
  • Abrasive Blasting for Mold Remediation, by Nick Graomicko and Ethan Ward, InterNACHI
  • Death and Accident Cleanup: Helping Families in Their Time of Need
  • How to Win More Sales from Your Quotes (and Proposals), by Stuart Ayling
  • How Do You Measure Success?
  • 2013 IWCA Conference & Trade Show, Feb. 13 – 16, by Mandie Bannworth
  • Sheila Smeltzer: A+ Pro Window Cleaning
  • Marketing to Commercial Clients Using Social Media, by Dick Wagner Disaster Restoration Consulting
  • Where You Park Makes a Difference, by Tom Grandy
  • The Anatomy of a Restroom, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supply
  • Keeping Cool: Tips for Storing Pressure Washers in Winter, by Paul Horsley

Download the pdf files: 1-6 December, 7-16 December, 17-30 December

November 2012 (Issue 8 )

  • Winter Work Survey Results
  • Cold Weather Fleet Washing: Guidance from Milwaukee’s 20-Year Veteran, Paul Kassander
  • Warm Window Cleaning Hands During Winter Months, J. Racenstein
  • Safety & Window Cleaning in Cold Weather, J. Racenstein
  • Ice Dam Removal Services, by Henry Bockman
  • Marketing Your Snow Plow Services, by John Allin
  • Keeping Cool: Tips for Storing Pressure Washers in Winter, by Paul Horsley
  • Seattle Window Cleaner’s Gift Saves Daughter’s Life
  •  Blogging: New Study Shows Its Impact on Small Business’ Websites (and it’s pretty significant!)
  •  Blogging Basics, by Anya Curry, Ambidextrous Services
  • Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning: A Great Add-On Service, by Jim Viviani
  • Repeat Your Way to More Cleaning Contractos, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supplies

Download the pdf files: Nov 1-7, Nov 9-14, Nov 15-29

October 2012 (Issue 7)

  • Parking Garage Cleaning, by Scott Stone, A Mind for Detail
  • Selecting the Right Surface Spinner: Guidance from Steel Eagle GM Carl Harry
  • Sealing Broom-Swept Concrete, by David Phillips, Southern Stain & Seal
  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning, by Carlos Gonzalez, New Look Power Wash Additional Features
  • Strive to Exceed Breakeven, Part 2, by Tom Grandy, Grandy & Associates
  • The Personal Touch Will Never by Replaced, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supplies
  • “Women’s Work:” Tina Porter, Sea to Summit Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing for Commercial Properties: Reducing Business Liability

Download the pdf files: Oct 1-7, 8-14, 15-28

September 2012 (Issue 6 )

  • Cashing in on Graffiti Removal, by Henry Bockman, Henry’s Housework/Contractors Foundation
  • Removing Graffiti Etching (and Other Scratches) from Glass, by Cody Thomas, Glass Renu
  • Graffiti Protective Coatings: The Truth about Permanent vs. Sacrificial Coatings, by John Rose, The World’s Best  Graffiti Removal Products
  • Pressure Washing Tips for Graffiti Removal, by Paul Horsley Additional Features
  • Contractors Invited to Attend PowerClean 2012, October 23, Orlando, Florida
  • Soap Is Not an Opera: How to Buy Cleaning Chemicals, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supply
  • Is a Daily Deal the Right Marketing Strategy for Your Business?, by Christian Fea, Synertegic, Inc.
  • Strive to Exceed Break Even, Pt. 1, by Tom Grandy, Grandy & Associates
  • Why I Added “Sewer Jetting” to My Gutter Cleaning Business, by Doug Rucker, Clean & Green Solutions
  • How to Raise the Prices You Charge to Your Cleaning  Customers, Steve Hanson, The Janitorial Store
  • Name Drop Your Way to a Lot of Customers, by Steve Wright, The Customer Factor

Download the pdf file: 1-7, 8-14, 15-28

August 2012 (Issue 5)

  • Washing Large Fleets, by John Allison, Envirospec
  • What is the best soap and method for fleet washing?, by Linda Chambers, Soap Warehouse
  • Overcoming the Challenges of Fleet Washing, by Paul Horsley
  • Steamaway: 28 Years of Quality Service
  • 2012 Annual PWNA Convention in Orlando
  • Marketing Your Pressure Washing Business Online, by Anya Curry, Ambidextrous Services
  • A Guide to Using Carpet Cleaners for Car Detailing, by Lauren Zweibel, Daimer Industries
  • Selling to Women, by Morgan Booz, Accuwash
  • Soap Is Not an Opera: How to Buy Cleaning Chemicals (Part 1), by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supplies,
  • Everyone’s Talking About Pinterest, by Chris Dessi, Silverback Social

Download the pdf files: aug 1-7, AUG 8-14, AUG 15-31

July 2012 (Issue 4)

  • Cleaning Brick: Common Problems – and Their Solutions, by Larry Kotke, Diedrich Technologies
  • Bird Control is a Natural Add-On for Cleaning Contractors, by Meredith Walako, Bird-B-Gone
  • The Awning Cleaning Market: An Interview with Wayne Shockey, Awning Cleaning Services
  • Sealers 101, by David Phillips, Southern Stain & Seal
  • F9 BARC: Rust, Fertilizer and Orange Battery Stain Concrete Cleaner, Craig Harrison, Front 9 Restoration
  • UAMCC Hires Nichole Anglin
  • House Washing: All-in-One or a Two-Pass Clean?, by Linda Chambers, Soap Warehouse
  • Concrete Cleaning Inside Out, Pt. 2, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supplies
  • Three Benefits of Commercial Building Cleaning, by Paul Horsley

Download the pdf files: July 2012 1-7, July 2012 8-19, July 2012 20-29

June 2012 (Issue 3)

  • Sealers: An Introduction to a Profitable Add-On Service, by David Phillips, Southern Stain and Seal,
  • Decorative Concrete: A Profitable Upsell
  • Concrete Cleaning Inside Out, Part 1, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supply,
  • Soft Washing Concrete, by AC Lockyer, SoftWash Systems
  • Vince Wood Heads to the Libraries
  • Working the Numbers, by Steve Wright,
  • Why Do Alkaline Cleaners Work So Well? by Linda Chambers, Soap Warehouse,
  • Waterfed Pole Safety, by RHG Products,
  • WJTA-IMCA Expo in Houston
  • A Basic Guide to PSI Levels, by Paul Horsley
  •  Not Just Safety Rules, but Fines? by Todd Turner, ATP Results,

Download the pdf files: June 12 1-7, june 12 p.8-30

 May 2012 (Issue 2)

  • “We’re Here to PUMP! You Up!” by Thad Eckhoff, Pressure Washing Resource Association
  • The Roof Cleaning Institute of America: How Chris Tucker is Raising the Roof Cleaning Standard
  • Sodium HypoChlorite, Sodium Percarbonate or Sodium Hydroxide for Roof Cleaning? by Linda Chambers, Soap Warehouse
  • The Concepts Behind Soft Washing, by AC Lockyer, SoftWash Systems
  • Roof Cleaning Spraying Techniques, by Doug Rucker, The Pressure Cleaning School
  • Roof Cleaning Safety Tips, by Neo Johnson
  • Roof Algae Cleaning Myths Debunked, by
  • 16th Annual Window Cleaning Network Picnic
  • Thank Yous Advance Intimacy, by Chuck Bauer
  • Dry Ice Blasting: The Indoor Solution, by Paul Horsley
  • Door Hanger Success Out in the Field – Strategies  for Success

Download the pdf files: May 2012 1-13, May 2012 14-30

 April 2012 (Issue 1)

  • Inside the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Industry
  • Special Report: Grease Trap Cleaning in the US Industry
  • Sodium Hydroxide vs. Potassium Hydroxide, by Linda Chambers, Soap Warehouse
  • Former Facilitec Owner Launches New Nationwide KEC Company, Averus
  • 5 Tips To Generating Online Reviews, by Stephen Wright
  • 16 Why Wives and Kindergarten Teachers Make Great Marketers, by Anthony Blanton,
  • The Washin’ for Warrior Project
  • How to Use an iPad in Your Business
  • Save Fuel by Driving Smart, by Josh Dodson, GreasePro
  • Power Washing Myths Debunked
  • Latest Features of Carpet cleaning Machines, by Lauren Zwiebel, Daimer Industries


Download the pdf files:



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