February 21, 2023

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Commercial Pressure Washing Sales: Insights from David Carroll

Commercial Pressure Washing Sales: Insights from David Carroll

david2(From eClean  Magazine, Issue 28)

Yes, there are contract cleaners who have been in business longer. There are those with more employees, and those who gross more money. But when it comes to actually selling the work, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone with more passion or more gumption than David Carroll, owner of Minneapolis’ Lions Share Maintenance, and founder of Pro-Posal.

Since starting his company just four years ago, Carroll has made quite a name for himself in the window cleaning and pressure washing industries, where he serves both residential and commercial clients.
David’s commercial clients include property managers, restaurant managers, developers, business owners, hospitals, movie theaters, and so on. His recent talk at the 2014 Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Convention in Nashville on Selling to Commercial Clients was one of the best reviewed sessions there, and his Pro-Posal app – which he introduced last Spring as a way to quickly, efficiently and professionally submit thorough proposals to potential customers – has rapidly become an industry favorite.

As David pointed out in our interview, effective selling goes well beyond the actual sales call and close. It also requires maximizing your methods
for efficiently running your business. The following are some of David’s words of wisdom:

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