May 28, 2017

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Exposing the Hidden Costs of Unclean Restaurant Exhaust Hoods

Exposing the Hidden Costs of Unclean Restaurant Exhaust Hoods

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DENVER, CO, June 17, 2013 /24- Most owners  take great pride in keeping their entire restaurant clean. As they should, the  areas where your patrons eat, drink and mingle naturally top your cleaning  priority list. Most time and attention goes into sweeping the floors and  vacuuming the carpet; keeping the booths, seats and tables spotless; and making  sure the doors, entryway and lobby are inviting.

Next, chefs and owners alike appreciate  a clean and organized kitchen and serving area. A sterile cooking area gives a  better presentation, allows for more efficient processes, and keeps the health  inspectors off your back.

If it’s right in front of you, in plain  sight of your patrons, or close to your food, it’s usually clean. Most  restaurants do a pretty respectable job of achieving cleanliness in these areas.

Yet, in the restaurant industry, the  saying “out of sight, out of mind” truly applies. Because behind the shiny and  polished surface views, there usually exists a whole new dimension of filth.  Hidden areas cleaned only once every few weeks — or worse, every few months.

But even more important than the general cleaning is the industrial cleaning  needed in the restaurant exhaust hood. While neglecting to clean your grill  thoroughly can impact your food, neglecting your restaurant hood can impact your entire business.
A quick inspection of your exhaust hood  may reveal weeks or even months of grease and grime buildup, smoke and stale  odors, dust and dirt, and even spider webs and other critters.
What’s worse, it’s what you don’t see  that is the REAL cost to your business. Here are just a few of the hidden costs  of NOT cleaning your restaurant hood exhaust system.

Loss of customers, business, revenue 

Think about a typical dinner rush and  the dozens or even hundreds of dishes cooked. All that smoke and a much of that  grease finds its way into your exhaust system. Multiply that times weeks or  months, and all that buildup creates odors.
These stale odors of grease, smoke and  expired food permeates the kitchen and saturates the front of the house dining.  Before long, it’s in the walls, the carpet, the tables — it’s in their food.  Just one or two negative reviews on that references a “strange smell”  is enough to drive people away. And if it gets bad enough, they may never come  back.
Never let it get to that stage.  Routinely clean your exhaust  hood, and the only thing your patrons will get a whiff of is your  mouth-watering food.

Violations, fines and even potential closure

Because an unclean hood represents fire  and health risks, health departments pay special attention to the cleanliness of  your entire commercial exhaust system.
What would a health inspector find upon  close examination of your hood system? And could you afford to have any days of  closure to make the recommended improvements?
Keep your hood exhaust as clean as the  front of house, and you’ll welcome health inspectors because you’ll have nothing  to hide.

Worst-case scenario

Clearly the most dangerous concern of  an unclean hood is the potential fire risk. If you cook with open flames, fire  is just a few feet away from the combustible grease buildup in your hood system.
And once that catches fire, there may  be plenty of more “fuel” throughout your entire exhaust system to turn an  accident into a catastrophe. In other words, it takes only seconds or minutes  for much of your restaurant to be gutted.
Your chance of having any significant  fires is drastically reduced simply by taking the steps to keeping your  commercial exhaust system clean.
Yes, these are real scenarios that  affect restaurant owners every day. They impact food, customers, money, health  and safety. Yet all of them can be avoid simply by keeping your hood cleaningon a regular basis.
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