February 21, 2023

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Pressure Washing Marketing Through “Levels of Clean”

Pressure Washing Marketing Through “Levels of Clean”

This is an excerpt from The Pressure Cleaning Marketing Bible by Steve Stephens

Pressure Cleaning Marketing Bible
Pressure Cleaning Marketing Bible, by Steve Stephens

Just as packaging opens many doors in your pressure washing marketing efforts, so does offering different levels of clean. For years, our company was bombarded by objections that we were just outrageously expensive. We were always able to justify our price and usually get the job with a good bit of explanation and sometimes a good bit of invested time with new clients. That explanation, of course, would begin with a question to the client. Just what degree of clean would you like to achieve? We have quoted to you our “extreme clean,” which can actually be considered a restoration. This scenario would usually take place when estimating sidewalks or garages for shopping centers or high profile office centers where image is important. These questions would usually get us the job by alerting the prospect that they were probably not comparing apples to apples. A consultant fiend of mine, David Frink, suggested I use a selection sheet labeled “The Five Kinds of Clean.” This sheet has almost completely eliminated price shoppers and the need to explain to every new client our standard pricing. Now, they generally just ask for a different level of clean IF we are over their budget. If the customer wants it, we can deliver it. Now we don’t lose the job just because the customer cannot afford our superior services. These options also make it easy for the customer to have their shopping centers cleaned several times a year. Our “menu” of services makes it possible to fit almost any company’s budget!

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