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National Cleaning Expo East

National Cleaning Expo East

From the July 2011 issue of Pressure Cleaning Contractor Magazine
by Allison Hester, Editor

Prefer to read the pdf of NCE East?

For the fourth straight year, hundreds of pressure washing contractors will gather in Tampa for one of the industry’s biggest events of the year – the National Cleaning Expo East.

This year’s program looks to be the largest and most information-packed yet, filled with top industry speakers (including our publisher Steve Stephens), certifications and bootcamps, exhibits and demonstrations on a “cleaners playground.”

The National Cleaning Expo (NCE) East began in 2007 when a number of contractors in the Florida area were having a hard time cooperating. Ron Musgraves of the National Cleaning Expo contacted Kory Finley of K & J Pressure Washing in Tampa to see if he’d be willing to help put a roundtable together.

“He said, ‘Let’s just get everyone in the same room,’” Kory explains. “The focus was to bring people together, educate, network, and move the industry forward.” And it worked.

By year two, the event brought in vendors and contractors began attending from other areas of the country. “There are people in this industry who just don’t mingle and mesh with other groups. So our plan was to just invite everybody,” Kory adds. “When we get representatives from different organizations and different cliques together, they get out of their ‘Democrat versus Republican’ mentality. They all have the common interest of what can I learn? What can I contribute to make this better?”

NCE is also about more than just pressure washing, involving window cleaners, roof cleaners and other contract cleaners. “We’ve tried to bridge the gap,” said Kory. “Everyone comes together and provides business ideas.”

And the learning/relationships have come into play beyond the one weekend a year in Tampa. For instance, Tampa had a water shortage in recent years and the municipalities planned to ban pressure washing. “I was able to reach out to some of the people I’d met through NCE East who had dealt with similar circumstances. I was able to take their ideas to the water authorities, and in the end they overturned the ban.”

This year’s event, which is expected to be the largest yet, will take place at the Mainsail Suites Hotel in Tampa. A perfect getaway for families, the Mainsail offers a number of family-friendly amenities and event prices of $89 for a single room suites, or $99 for two-room suites. (All suites include a separate a living room and full kitchen.) The event is free for hotel guests, and $30 for those who stay elsewhere.

Events begin Thursday evening with a welcoming ceremony, followed by a fun-filled fundraising casino night. The event will include a variety of giveaways and a silent auction. Proceeds will go to benefit a wounded soldier program and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Friday consists of a full day of education, with participants choosing from a number of topics and speakers as well as boot camps (see attached list on page 20). Free classes for the day include topics from Seal N Lock, EPA and wastewater discharges, human resources, marketing roof cleaning, and a professional business guide. Boot camps and certification programs will be put on by Seal N Lock, as well as paid classes on interior sales and services and Pressure Washing 101.

On Saturday, participants are in for a bonus – a “Cleaner’s Playground” – with a variety of onsite demos taking place throughout the morning. These are scheduled to include:
• How to Clean a Roof

• How to Seal Pavers

• How to Wash Commercial Sidewalks at 4500 Sq. Ft. per Hour

• How to Wash Commercial and Residential Windows

• Graffiti Removal (Be sure to tag the giant wall!)

• Glass Restoration/Graffiti Removal from Glass

• Wash Water Control and Proper Containment Procedures

• Kitchen Exhaust Inspections Tour with Fire Inspector

• Wood Restoration

• Chemical Demos

• Waterfed Pole Use

• Awning Cleaning (If Awnings Onsite)

Throughout the event, a number of vendors will be onsite to discuss their products. Also, several companies will be giving away products and services, as well as hosting show specials during the event.

Additionally, Paul Kassander and the Pressure Wash Store will be raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They are donating a Contractor Series Pressure Washer – Rated for 5.6 gpm @ 2500 psi, GX390 Honda engine. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $10 each at the event or online at www.

To learn more about NCE East in Tampa, or to register for the event, visit their website at www.nationalcleaningexpo.net. See you there!

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