May 24, 2017

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Issue 33 (Click Cover to Read. Print Copies Currently Unavailable)

In this issue

Is Pure Water Window Cleaning for Me? A Pressure Washer’s Dilemma, by Matt Adwell, Adwell Services
The Drought: How It’s Impacting California Contractors
Do You REALLY Want to Start Your Own Business?, by Tom Grandy, Grandy & Associates
PWNA Announces 2015 National Convention
Benefits of Pressure Washing Construction Sites, by Paul Horsley, PWNA Board Member
Best Practices & Tips for Avoiding Financial Disasters, by Darla Renk, Joseph D Walters Insurance
Amazon’s New Home Services “Opportunity” — Is It Right for You?
How to STOP Being a Slave to Your Business: Keynote Speaker Howard Partridge, 2015 Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Seminar
Spring Showers of Savings Bring More Business, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial

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Issue 32 (Click on cover to read. Print Copies currently unavailable)

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In this issue:

  • The Unique Experience of Cleaning Window in a Historic Town, by Matt Adwell, Adwell Services
  • Word of Mouth: The Art of Creating a Referral, by Rick Wren, Wren Windows
  • The Love/Hate Relationship with Hose Reels
  • PWNA Vendor Profile: ServiceTrade
  • How Two Northeast PWNA Members Thrived This Winter
  • Where is Your Next Customer Coming from? by James McCafferty, Awning Rejuvanation Systems
  • I Have a Claim…Now What?, by Darla Renk, Joseph D Walters Insurance
  • Feedback from the 2015 Northeast Pressure WAshing Seminar
  • Oops! Fixing Tax Mistakes, by Barbara Weltman
  • How to Choose an Acrylic Floor Finish, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial

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Issue 31 (Click cover to read online. Print copies currently not available.)

In this issue:

  • Beacon Roof & Exterior Cleaning: Where Roof Cleaning is BIG Business
  • Water Fed Poles & Injuries: New Study Calls for Modifications in Risk Factors
  • Meet Jack Kramer, Co-Host of the 2015 Pressure Washing Seminar & Networking Event, & Trainer for the Pre-Seminar Pressure Washing & Wood Restoration Classes
  • (PWNA Vendor Profile) Wholesale Cleaning Chemicals, LLC: Heavy Duty Cleaners for Heavy Duty JobsWinter Provides Opportunities for Undercarriage Cleaning
  • What Did Santa Bring You? (And What Kind of Insurance Does it Need?), by Darla Renk, Joseph D. Walters Insurance
  • Magic? No, Remarketing
  • How to Work with Freelance Designers
  • Clean Up Your Act in 2015, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial

Issue 30 (Click cover to read online, or click here to order a print copy)


In This Issue:

  • Empire Highrise USA: Have Squeegees, Will Travel
  • How to Prevent Your Ladder from Slipping
  • Making Your List and Checking it Twice, by Dara Renk, Joseph D. Walters Insurance
  • Chemical Safety: Do I Need a Spill Kit?, by Linda Chambers, Soap Warehouse
  • PWNA Vendor Profile: Sunbelt Rentals
  • (PWNA) Hydro Tek Skid Winner, Jim Pasternak, Northeast Powerwashing
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Know the Symptoms
  • Why You Need a Written Cell Phone Policy
  • We Were Safety before Safety Was Cool, by Todd Turner, ATP Results
  • No Blooper Cleaning Safety, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial


Issue 28

In this issue:
Commercial Sales: Insights from David Carroll, Founder of Lions Share Maintenance and Pro-Posal
Water Fed Poles & Pump Controllers: Why this popular accessory from the UK is making its way into the U.S. Markets, by Ian Sheppard, Spring Industries
PWNA Adds Multitude of New Benefits in 2014
PWNA Vendor Profile: Cam Spray
How Do We Effectively Manage Compliance in the Cleaning Industry?, by Brian Smith, Omni Containment Systems
Five Customer Buying Principles: Customer Preferences Are Shaped by the Options They’re Presented
Glass Restoration Tools & Abrasives, by Henry Grover
Become the Brand, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial
Laying Off Employees…Sort Of, by Barbara Weltman

Issue 27

In This Issue:

  • Five Accessories Contractors Love
  • HUGE Convention, HUGE Success: The 2014 Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Convention & Trade Show
  • Used by Pete
  • Educational Opportunities Abound at PWNA Convention and Trade Show, Nov. 1-3, Orlando
  • PWNA Vendor Profile: Envirospec
  • Top 5 Mobile Apps/Software Programs
  • I Have a List of Prospects…Now What?  A 4-Step Sales Process, by DJ Carroll
  • A Bristly Subject: How to Use a Push Broom, by Rick Meehan

Issue 24

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In This Issue:

      To Rinse or Not to Rinse: RCIA’s Chris Tucker Answers the Question
      Stick it Where the Sun Shines, by Thad Eckhoff
      How to Clean Roofs with a Waterfed Pole, by Micah Kommers
      Pros and Cons of Roof Cleaning Pumps
      PWNA Vendor Profile: Surface Logix
      Alex & Anya Curry: A Marriage of Heart, Mind and a Passion for an Industry

      Where to Look When You’re Not Making Money, by Tom Grandy
      Fear…and its Effect on Your Business, by Steve Hanson
    Choose the Right String Mop, by Rick Meehan

Issue 23


In This Issue:

Blast ’em All! A real world guide to every door direct mail (EDDM), by Thad Eckhoff, Apex Services & the Pressure Washing Resource Association

Facebook: Friend or Fad? Does it really work for cleaning contractors?, by Allison Hester
How Facebook has worked for me, by Ed Pharris, New Brite Pressure Washing
Introducing Pro-Posal: Creating Professional Bids with the Touch of a Button
IWCA can now bring safety training to you
Window Glass Restoration: A Global Opportunity, by Henry Grover, Vision Glass Detailer
PWNA Vendor Profile: Steel Eagle, by Allison Hester
How Well Are You LinkedIn? How to Maximize Your Profile and Make Connections, by Allison Hester
Why Having the Right Accessories is Smart Marketing. (An Interview with Steel Eagle’s Todd Bradshaw), by Allison Hester
10 Marketing Tips from Wayne Shockey, Marketing Class Instructor for Power Wash University
The Wet Mop Handle Dissected, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial
What’s Your Uniqueness? by Dan Galvin, Envirospec
YouTube: The Most Powerful Marketing Tool You’re Not Using, by Allison Hester
Pressure Washing Can Bring a Fresh, Clean Image, by Paul Horsley

Issue 22

In This Issue:

Motivating Employees: How Curt Kempton of 5-Star Window Care Turned his Biggest Frustration into His Biggest Asset, by Allison Hester

Help Wanted: Tips for Finding – and Hiring – Top-Notch Cleaning Technicians, by Allison Hester

Gathering & Filtering Your Applications, by Erica Jensen, Clean Right Company

IWCA National Convention and Trade Show Review

Preparing Your Equipment for Spring Means Caring for It Through the End of Winter: Guidance from Tim Irwin, Aaladin Industries Service Manager

PWNA Introduces Amazing New Website, Awesome New Benefits

PWNA Vendor Profile: North American Pressure Wash Outlet

OVERloaded and UNDERempowered, by John C. Maxwell

Removing Rust Stains…and More, by Craig Harrison, Front 9 Restoration

Those Untapped Entryways, by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial

Unger Celebrates 50th Anniversary

New Technician Training 101, by Steve Stephens

How to Be OSHA Compliant with Your Employees, by Linda Chambers, Soap Warehouse

10 Steps to Hiring Your First Employee

Employee vs. Independent Contractor, by Erica Jensen, Clean Right Company

Issue 21

In This Issue:

  • Keeping Between the Ditches, Leadership Guidance from John C. Maxwell
  • How to Create Goals that Stick, by Allison Hester
  • Maximize your online time, by Linda Chambers, Soap Warehouse
  • How to REALLY Make Money with Facebook, by Anya Curry, Ambidextrous Services
  • Stud Striping/Structure Striping:by Eric Schnaible, Pacific Roof & Exterior Cleaning,
  • Meet PWNA’s New Board Members
  • PWNA Vendor Profile: Alkota Cleaning Systems
  • The Business Plan: Why You Really Need One (Even if You Think You Don’t), by Allison Hester
  • How I Use My Business Plan, by Terry Miller, Tegrey Family of Coatings

Issue 20

In This Issue:

Issue 19

In This Issue:

How New Pressure Washing Technology is Conserving Fuel, by Aaladin Industries
Proven Secrets of Effective Yard Signs for Professional Contract Cleaners
What Does “Green” Really Mean? by Linda Chambers
Building the Dream, Living the Dream: The 2013 PWNA Convention Recap
PWNA Vendor Profile: Joseph D. Walters Insurance
A Soldier’s Sory: How Two Days in Orlando Changed One Contract Cleaner’s Life
Get Sales Mileage from Your Holiday Cards
Solar Panel Cleaning: Good for the Environment and Your Bottom Line
Say “Yes” to Web Presence, by Rick Meehan
How I Turned My Business Green, by Todd Turner, ATP Results
Can a Pressure Washer Damage Your Car? By Paul Horsley

Issue 1 | April 2012

In This Issue: