February 21, 2023

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The New PWRA, Practical Help for the Individual Contractor

The New PWRA, Practical Help for the Individual Contractor

by Allison Hester, Editor

This past week, a pressure washing-related resource entered the industry scene, specifically designed to help contractors gain more business.

The Pressure Washing Resource Association (PWRA) – founded by Thad Eckhoff, owner of Apex Services, and Chris Lambrinides, owner of Window Cleaning Resource.com – is a for-profit group that aims to provide practical and profitable business and marketing benefits that will help individual contractors increase their bottom lines.

“The PWRA is not an organization. It’s not about politics. It’s not about charity. It’s not about larger industry-related issues,” Eckhoff explained. “It’s about helping honest, hardworking individual contractors make money so they can support their families…and the benefits begin as soon as they sign up.”

Specifically, PWRA members will immediately have access to over 60 tested and proven marketing materials, including postcards, door hangers, proposal packets, email templates, mailings, business forms, and more. “Contractors don’t have to waste their time trying to put together something they think looks nice, or pay a graphic designer to put a piece together that may not work,” Eckhoff added. “They have immediate access to templates of marketing products that have a proven track record for success.”

The PWRA is a spinoff of the Window Cleaning Resource Association (WCRA), a group founded by Lambrinides about a year-and-a-half ago. Today, the association has grown to over 250 members, and has a 90+ percent renewal rate. “We believe that for every dollar spent, members should get at least tenfold back,” Eckhoff added. “Otherwise, members won’t renew their membership.”

Eckhoff, who was one of the first contractors to join the WCRA, said he has seen sizeable growth in his own company due to his WCRA membership. Like the WCRA, the PWRA plans to continually provide new resources to its members, including some specially-created items for niche markets such as kitchen exhaust cleaning and wood restoration.

Another important benefit members will receive is a five percent discount off orders from PowerWash.com. “Members are not only getting a discount on their equipment, they’re also getting access to PowerWash.com’s expertise, mentoring and equipment troubleshooting,” Eckhoff added.

Many of the member benefits will be online. For one, the PWRA has launched a new SEO-savvy bulletin board that will feature both a general area for anyone interested in posting (and gaining Search Engine Optimization points), as well as a private members-only forum for those “wanting to seriously talk about how to grow and strengthen their businesses,” Eckhoff explained.

The site also features an “easy-to-navigate map” to help customers find member contractors members in their areas. “Its simple design will allow customers to easily determine which contractors serve their communities,” he added.

Also, members will be invited to partake in monthly chat sessions and quarterly webinars, and have access to past webinars as well. Eckhoff, who has led webinars for the WCRA, said he has seen first hand how valuable they can be. “I had a guy tell me that my roof-cleaning webinar changed his life. He is making thousands more because of it. That’s the kind of benefit we plan to offer.”

The idea for PWRA grew from Eckhoff’s experience with contractors leaving the industry because they were not getting business. “I’ve met several guys who have cashed in their 401Ks, bought huge amounts of equipment, then failed to succeed,” he explained. “One story like that is bad. But with the number of similar conversations I’ve had with failed contractors, I decided it was time to do something that would really help these guys make a living.”

The cost to join the PWRA is $349 for the first year, then $199 to renew thereafter. “We know that if we don’t benefit the members, they won’t renew – and they shouldn’t,” said Eckhoff. “That’s why we plan to just get better and better.”

To learn more about the PWRA, visit their website and new industry forum at www.PressureWashingResource.com. Click here to join.




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