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10 Advantages to Buying Locally

10 Advantages to Buying Locally

by James Lewis, owner of Underpressure Powerwashers, Inc.

“Who stands behind Underpressure Powerwashers Inc?” Hydro Tek of Redlands! In this Photo: Casey Meelker, Jason Newton and Jim Lewis, owner of Underpressure Powerwashers Inc.

Having a relationship with a local pressure washer supplier is invaluable to a successful business. Recently I stopped in on Hydro Tek of Redlands, California, to take a tour of the production facility and to pick up a piece of equipment they had asked me to test in the field for them. This tells me a lot when a supplier wants to know how the end user feels about how their products perform and what adjustments or improvements they can make.

I have been a very loyal Hydro Tek user for many years. I sat down with Casey Meelker in the sales department, who has been my go-to guy when we have equipment needs, to discuss a few reasons why a business should decide on a local supplier. Casey, along with Jason, has helped me to weather the storms that have come my way from the public works departments in a few local municipalities. Jason is always supportive in helping us determine the right equipment needed for specific projects we have been involved with. I rely on their parts and service departments to help us keep on our demanding schedule.

Take a look at a few of the things we discussed and see if you may have these things in mind when making equipment and supplier selections.

1. Ability to Match the Equipment to the Job: A local dealer can assess your application and help you make an informed decision. They can make sure that your pressure washer package meets your specific needs and then be there whenever you need additional help.

2. Knowledge and Advice: Especially for new startup businesses, this is a very valuable benefit that you will not receive if you do not buy from a local dealer.

You may have questions on local laws and ordinances regarding water recovery restrictions, which accessories or soaps are best for a certain application, or even how much to charge for a certain type of job. Your local dealer has the knowledge to overcome these obstacles.

By creating a good relationship with your local dealer you will not only be able to rely on their expertise but also the expertise of all of the other customers that they have contact with every day. This is also very helpful when you run across a unique cleaning situation. They will be able to recommend the best method, tool or soap necessary to do the job.

Many professional cleaners are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with each other. A great way to meet them is at or through your local dealer.

3. Accessibility: Many times you will run into an emergency where you have to have a specific piece of equipment for a job that you need to do today. Your local dealer will be able to provide you with the solution immediately because they stock many spare parts, pressure washers and accessories.

4. Repair: When you buy locally, you are creating a long-term relationship with one of the most valuable assets to the success of your business. When your equipment is down, you are not able to work and your customers suffer.

Your local dealer knows you and your machine and will usually have the parts to get your equipment up and running with minimal downtime. Many dealers have rental units that are usually available if needed while your pressure washer is being repaired.

5. Warranty: If you ever have a warranty issue, you can take your equipment back to the local dealer that you bought it from and have them fix it. If you are dealing with a non-local or internet company, in many cases, you have to try to work the issue out over the phone rather than face-to-face with someone you have a relationship with.

6. Try It before You Buy It: If you buy from a local dealer, you are able you have a “hands-on” demonstration of the product before you buy it. In many instances, the dealer will come out to your location and provide the demonstration in a real-world application where you would be using it and see how it will work for you and how the equipment package can be tailored to your specific application.

7. Turnkey System: When you are having something shipped to you, many times it will come unassembled or need additional parts in order to be functional. For example, most pressure washers that have an electric start are shipped without batteries or without the optional accessories installed. The dealer will receive these items, assemble them, install the necessary options, and test the machine to make sure everything is ready for use.

8. Training: The local distributor will be able to train you on the ins and outs of your specific pressure washer, highlighting what they know from experience and problems that they have seen in the past. They will also be able to show you how and when to properly maintain your pressure washer and go over key safety procedures that must be followed.

9. Support for the Local Economy: Buying from your local dealer keeps your dollars in your local community, not going to another county or state, just as buying American-made products keeps your money in the US.

10. Who Are You Buying from? Your local dealer can show you how long they have been servicing the community that you are in and may even provide you with a long list of satisfied customers.                    By ordering from someone that you can’t see or don’t know, you have no idea what their track record is, what their level of expertise is, or how long they have been selling pressure washers or accessories.
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