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15 most popular companies that accept Bitcoin as payment

An exploration of the brands and retailers that accept Bitcoin—and how to make purchases with BTC even when a business doesn’t accept cryptocurrency. Payment Links can facilitate these transactions seamlessly.


Upgrade to a new iPhone, the latest Apple Watch, or a laptop with Bitcoin. Stay updated with Apple products and earn 1.5% back on purchases made through the Crypto App.

Alternative Airlines

Earn up to 4% back when booking flights through Alternative Airlines in the App. They offer tickets for major and regional airlines. Use BTC or over 100 other cryptocurrencies for your next business trip or vacation.


Receive 9% back when spending cryptocurrency at Aveda’s online beauty store. Purchase professional-quality skin and hair products or find a nearby location to book a salon visit with Bitcoin.

Best Buy

Purchase electronics and services with cryptocurrency from the comfort of your home. From Bluetooth speakers and home entertainment systems to washing machine installations, Best Buy caters to Bitcoin holders.


Bloomingdale’s offers everything from fine jewelry to designer clothes and home espresso machines. Use the Crypto App to shop for top trends and bestsellers, from cashmere sweaters to luxury baby strollers.

Columbia Sportswear

Exchange Bitcoin for a cozy fleece with Columbia Sportswear, the premier outdoor outfitter. Enjoy 7% rewards when utilizing cryptocurrency to stock up on tents, resting bags, and other essential gear for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re hiking or relaxing by the campfire, Bitcoin makes it easy.

Christian Dior

Shop this iconic fashion house with your cryptocurrency wallet and receive 7% back on high-end fashion purchases. From sleek, timeless jewelry and elegant watches to bold statement handbags, Dior epitomizes luxury—and paying with Bitcoin opens the door to a world-class fashion experience.


Star Wars, to Marvel, PIXAR, and online Disney store offers beloved characters and unforgettable experiences, now available for purchase with BTC. Use cryptocurrency for holiday shopping for the kids—and maybe a few adults, too. While cryptocurrencies aren’t magic, they can buy a little magic from this globally beloved brand.

cryptocurrency trading
Cryptocurrency trading


Crypto Pay offers travel options, and Expedia is another reliable choice for booking with Bitcoin. Exchange Bitcoin for local or international flights or entire vacation packages. Explore popular destinations and secure last-minute weekend deals, all with the solitude and security of cryptocurrency.


Final Fantasy and Super Mario Brothers, Gamestop has everything. Use cryptocurrency to enhance your gaming setup with premium controllers, headsets, and new games. While Bitcoin can’t save the princess from the villain’s castle, it can certainly help the hero begin the adventure.


Work out in style with Nike’s latest shoes and apparel. Buy Air Jordans or everyday gym gear with Bitcoin. Customize a pair of shoes with Nike By You and ‘just do it’ with Bitcoin through the App.


Purchase the latest PlayStation console, additions, and collector’s edition games directly from the PlayStation store using Bitcoin. Dive into VR with HD headsets and explore new worlds with cutting-edge technology. Let cryptocurrency bring hours of action and entertainment to your living room.

Pottery Barn

Clean and classic, Pottery Barn presents furniture and decor from barstools to bathroom towels. While Bitcoin itself isn’t cozy, it can buy a plush rug or a comfy sectional. Take benefit of free design services, start a wedding registry, or purchase a set of handcrafted drinking glasses using Crypto Pay.


From classic aviators to customizable frames that suit any personal style, Ray-Ban is an excellent place to buy glasses with Bitcoin. Pay with cryptocurrency for house delivery or in-store pickup. Ray-Ban offers free fittings and adjustments, and customers get 7% back on purchases when they use BTC via Crypto Pay.

Sharper Image

Sharper Image enhances home living with products ranging from massage chairs to air purifiers. Pay cryptocurrency on luggage, home bartending supplies, and gadgets of every kind—and get 9% back on Crypto Pay purchases.