November 28, 2023

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eClean’s Blogging 101, Day 6: Invite Guests

eClean’s Blogging 101, Day 6: Invite Guests

eclean guest blog
Inviting guest bloggers is good for your SEO and theirs.

Today we’re going to examine an option that is strongly encouraged by blogging experts: using other people’s words rather than your own.

Guest bloggers are good for offering variety as well as for SEO. Often other professionals are looking for ways to get their names/companies in front of new customers, as well as adding to their backlinks for SEO, so offering them a blog spot on your site, along with a short bio and a link to their site, is good for them and for you.


  • A Realtor could write on the importance of cleaning a home’s exterior to keep the resale value up
  • An insurance agent or roofer could write on the damage caused by roof algae
  • A fire marshal could write on the need to keep kitchen exhaust systems clean
  • A police officer could write on the dangers of keeping graffiti on a building

And the list goes on.

There are some sites where you can register, such as, where you can see articles by bloggers looking to be posted on blog sites. However, fair warning: you will be bombarded by emails if you sign up for notifications, and registering on the site is kind of  pain. Still, there are some decent articles available if you have the time to dig.

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