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4th Annual NOLA Contractor Networking Event

4th Annual NOLA Contractor Networking Event

From the February 2011 Issue of Pressure Cleaning Contractor Magazine

by Allison Hester, Editor/Publisher

4th Annual NOLA Networking Event

April 23 and 24, Thad Eckhoff of Apex Services will host the fourth annual New Orleans Contractor Networking Event (or NOLA for short). This event, hosted by contractors for contractors, is designed to help anyone in the service industry build his or her business.

“We’ve had pressure washers, hood cleaners, window cleaners, landscapers attend,” explained Thad. “The focus is on how to be a more successful service business. It is not a how-to pressure wash course.”

Thad began hosting NOLA after attending a traditional lecture-style meeting a few years ago. While he says the lectures were beneficial, he found he learned more from just talking with people outside the lecture hall. “That’s when I made relationships and first saw the power of networking.”

That insight, along with several requests to put something on in New Orleans, led to the creation of NOLA. “From the very beginning, we’ve tried to make it more of an interactive exchange of ideas rather than just sitting through lectures and waiting for the next break,” he explained. “I don’t want to see people tapping their foot impatiently. I want to see them leaning forward in their chair with their hand raised, ready to jump into the next conversation.”

(Download the rest of the NOLA 2011 article from the February 2011 issue of Pressure Cleaning Contractor Magazine.)

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