October 01, 2023

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Note from the Publisher

Note from the Publisher

This morning I was suspected of reposting and recirculating a document on the eClean Magazine website from September 2013 regarding eClean’s stance on working with the UAMCC while Ron Musgraves was president. Although I stand behind what was written given the situation of that time, I deleted the post early this year as a courtesy, in an effort to try to mend relationships and move forward. The original post was removed from my website several months ago.

However, I learned just this morning that while the pdf document that was attached to my deleted post could not be found when searching my website, it could still be found through Google because I did not remove the pdf document from my website’s stored media files. As soon as I figured out what the issue was and where the file was, I permanently deleted the document. As far as I am aware, the document is no longer on the Internet. If someone finds it, however, please point it out to me and if it is on a site where I have control, I will remove it. I apologize for any issues this may have caused.

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