November 28, 2023

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How to Automate, Grow, and Sell Your Business

How to Automate, Grow, and Sell Your Business

What is YOUR why?

Why did you go into business?

That’s a question Josh Latimer – author of Window Wealth and founder of Send Jim – along with his special guest Chris Lambrinides of Window Cleaning Resource and the WCRA/PWRA – will be asking in the first of three “Epic Webinars” that start on December 3 at 8 p.m. EST.

“Most people go into business for a reason, often so we can have more time with our families or to do the things we like doing,” explains Josh. “But instead of finding the freedom we were seeking, we actually become enslaved by our businesses. And that breaks my heart.”

Starting on December 3, Josh and Chris will begin the three-part journey of teaching participants to do exactly what they both have done – automate, grow, and eventually sell (or at least be in a position to sell) their business.

Over the course of the three epic hour-long webinars, Josh and Chris have five key goals for webinar participants:

  1. Learn exactly how to automate your business.
  2. Learn how to triple your revenue in 24 months or less
  3. Learn how to build a real-life, sellable business
  4. Learn how to stop feeling like things are out of control.
  5. Learn how to stop being a slave to your small business.

I was allowed to take a sneak peek at all three webinars, and have already begun the process of implementing some of the things I’ve learned. But as they teach in webinar, this is a process of small steps, not one giant step. So I’m looking forward to applying more lessons in the months, even years, to come. .

What’s especially great about this webinar series is that while any business – such as mine – can use the information provided, these webinars are geared specifically toward the pressure washing and window cleaning industry. These are real-life cleaning guys with real-life cleaning company strategies and examples.

The first webinar, which takes place on December 3, will teach you how to automate your business, primarily by implementing systems. A system, as defined by Josh, is a “simple, teachable, repeat process.”

If you’re like me, you’ve heard time and again about the need for developing systems in your business, but you don’t really know where to start. Plus, the whole idea seems overwhelming.

However, one of the key points the two hosts make is that you can and should start small. For example, Chris shares that one of the first systems he implemented in his business was how coffee was to be made in the morning. For Josh, it was creating a system to ensure the office never ran out of toilet paper.

In the webinar, you’ll learn five steps for actually developing and implementing systems. Then the two hosts also lay out several areas and ideas of systems you may want to consider.

One of my key takeaways was a question Chris posed: How many minimum-wage jobs am I, as a CEO, performing? (Those weren’t his exact words.) I can tell you that even just today, there were a LOT of them! So one of my first steps is going to be listing out all the tasks I could outsource and determine how much that would cost me, and how much time that would free up for other more productive tasks that keep getting placed on the back burner.

That was one of my key takeaways. Yours may be completely different.

But you have to register to participate.

The webinars are each around an hour long, and are completely free. Be sure to watch through to the very end because participants also will have access to a whole host of free bonuses.

To register, go to

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