December 08, 2023

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Do you have opening blog jitters?

Do you have opening blog jitters?

Blogging list Does just the thought of blogging make you freeze up? You’re not alone. Blogging – even if you’re a proficient writer – can be an overwhelming thought…especially when you’re first getting started. Trying to figure out what to write about can be paralyzing.

The good new it doesn’t have to be that complicated – especially when you’re first getting started.

Think of what you do every day in your cleaning business. What is there in your work that you can write about? How about starting with every question you’ve ever been asked by a customer. If you have technicians, other employees or even a spouse, brainstorm with them. You can probably easily come up with 20 to 50 topics right there. So make a list then write a paragraph or two, and guess what? You’ve got your first blog!

For example, in his book “The Pressure Cleaning Marketing Bible,” author Steve Stephens refers to what he calls the “HydroTech Seven.” These are the seven most common questions that customers ask, and he trained his staff on how to answer these questions backwards and forwards. The HydroTech Seven are:

  1. I am calling around to get bids on power washing my house. Could you come out and give me a price
  2. Why are you so sure you will be the highest price?
  3.  What kinds of chemicals do you use?
  4. Will cleaning harm my plants or animals?
  5. Are your chemicals environmentally friendly?
  6. Can you guarantee that mold and mildew will not come back?
  7. Will your services streak my windows?
Steve goes on to give his answer to each of these questions in his book. For our purposes, I’m only going to use question 4 as our example of a potential blog:

Customer Question: Will pressure cleaning my house harm my plants or animals?

At HydroTech Pressure Cleaning Technologies, we utilize a concentrated housewash with surfactants that adhere to the wall like shaving cream. Because of this, we are able to use a minute amount to clean your home. The product stays on the surface with no waste entering into your soil system.
Once the cleaning is complete, your soil’s pH level is guaranteed to be undisturbed. We not only use safe, environmentally-responsible solutions, but we also incorporate a complete neutralization or dilution process, again showing that we care about your home and foliage. Our solutions are 100 percent safe for pets, children, wildlife such as birds and even your favorite flowers or not so favorite weeds. 
While each of these question and answers from the book would need to be reworded a bit for blogging, having the questions and answers on your website not only gives you something to blog about, it can help save you time by not having to answer these questions over the phone.

Remember, blogs don’t have to be written perfectly (although running spell check is always a smart idea!). However, they will NEVER, EVER work if you don’t start writing them.

We will talk more about some writing tips such as headlines and key words. But for now, stop stressing, start planning, and most importantly, get to writing!

*To find out more about The Pressure Cleaning Marketing Bible, email Steve Stephens at

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