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eClean Magazine in 2014: Survey Results

eClean Magazine in 2014: Survey Results

450913141In December, we conducted a survey to help us plan for 2014. We asked readers what they’d like to see, what we’re doing right, and how we can better serve their needs. The feedback was phenomenal – so thank you!

2014’s Focus

Most of the feedback about what you’d like to see coincided with things I already had in mind. The primary types of articles readers prefer to see are related to equipment and chemicals, followed very closely with marketing and management-related articles. So rather than focus on a specific market each month, we’re primarily going to focus on marketing and management topics, as well as highlight more equipment and chemicals. For example, this month’s theme is on making the most of the slower season. Next month we’ll delve into the complicated world of hiring and keeping employees.

However, there are three specific markets that stood out that people wanted to see more of:

  • Roof cleaning/soft washing
  • Wood restoration
  • Commercial cleaning.

So we do have three issues scheduled this year specifically on these markets. To top all that off, we will feature more equipment and chemicals, and more information for specialized cleaning (e.g., fleet washing, kitchen exhaust, windows, etc.).

We also had a few suggestions on specific non-cleaning add-on services you’d like to learn more about. That kind of feedback is WONDERFUL and so appreciated! Any time you have a specific topic you’d like to learn more about, please let me know. I am not out in the field, and while I try to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry, I don’t know about some of these types of things. So email me any time: If I don’t respond, email me again (sometimes they get lost amidst the spam or just catch me at a super busy time) or give me a call.

Just as the new issue of eClean talks a lot about planning, I’m still having to work on some of the details on how I’m going to incorporate these new changes, but know they will be coming – soon.

What you like about eClean

Most comments in this category referred to the quality and types of articles we provide – “informative,” “interesting,” “well written,” “helpful,” “easy to read,” and “things I can really use” – to name a few. Of course, you also like the fact that eClean is free. Finally, people like that we have started posting the individual articles from past issues on our site in a convenient pdf format. That way you can download and print off the articles you want.

But we also got a LOT of comments from people saying how much they love the digital format. I know that digital is not everyone’s preferred option, but it is the way the publishing industry is trending. The biggest benefit is for our advertisers in that it allows us to keep our rates low – a fraction of the cost of other industry magazines – and lets us track real numbers of how many are reading the magazine. But it also allows us to stay up-to-date and, of course, it’s better for the environment.

That said, I do know there is value in having pages to hold in your hand, so we have a new option and a new website: There you will find several of our past issues available for purchase in more a book-type format. We have also compiled all of last year’s issues into one 425-page book, which is available in both a vibrant full-color version and an economical black and white edition.

How  we can better serve you

Most of the comments in this survey section were things like, “Keep doing what you’re doing.” We did get a few specific ideas, however, primarily on article topics people would like to see. Again, this is so very helpful – so keep them coming.

Also, there were some practical ideas – like add a Facebook and Linkedin button on the articles so they can be shared. As Homer Simpson would say, “D’oh!”  That was an oversight on my part, a great suggestion, and something that has been taken care of.

It’s not too late!

While our editorial calendar has been created – at least each month’s theme – we still can use your feedback, so I’m leaving the survey open for anyone who wants to participate by clicking here. I always welcome feedback, and you can email if you prefer. However, this survey is very nice in that it keeps all the comments in one place that I will refer to time and again.

With all that said, thank you – our readers – for caring enough to respond. I’m excited about the feedback and looking forward to what is going to be an amazing year!


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