November 28, 2023

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Acceptable Content and Other Policies

eClean’s Policies on Content, New Products, and Event Coverage

eClean Magazine is an electronic publication whose mission is to educate, encourage, enrich and empower the professional exterior mobile cleaning contractor through quality content that helps readers build and maintain successful businesses.

The tone of eClean magazine is professional and positive. eClean is not a political or investigative journalism-style publication and will not run articles or ads the publisher believes are designed to expose or disparage industry members. (This does not apply to potential editorials.)

eClean welcomes article ideas and article submissions that fit with the magazine’s mission and style. If you have an article submission or topic idea you’d like to see in a future issue of eClean, please send an email with the subject line of “SUGGESTED ARTICLE” to Please note that the decision of whether or not to run any article and/or cover a suggested subject is solely left to the discretion of eClean Magazine, as is the timing of when an article will run.

eClean also holds the right to make edits to submitted articles as deemed necessary. Edited versions of submitted articles may be returned to the original author to review. If a compromise cannot be reached, eClean may elect to not run any given article.

Once an article is written or edited, the persons interviewed/quoted in the article may review the portions of the article pertaining to themselves or their company upon request. Once the article or portions of the article are approved, eClean is not responsible for any inaccuracies other than spelling and grammatical errors.


New Products

Articles by manufacturers and suppliers about new products will generally only be considered for publishing as a paid “New Product” page. There may be exceptions, and those are left to the publisher’s discretion. The cost of such a piece is laid out on the eClean Advertising Rate page.


Sponsored Articles

eClean will also allow for a limited number of sponsored articles, the cost of which is listed on eClean’s Advertise page. These articles can be provided by the paying sponsor or written by eClean staff, and must adhere to eClean’s mission statement, style, and rules, and will say “Sponsored Article” in small print at the bottom of the page. Articles may not make subjective claims (e.g., “XYZ is the best product”) unless the claim is a direct quote from someone interviewed in the article. Articles that contain subjective claims will be treated and charged as advertising, and “Advertisement”  will be written in small type at the bottom of the page.

eClean retains the right to turn away or edit any sponsored article. If edits are made, the advertiser will be allowed to see and approve the changes. If a compromise cannot be agreed upon by the advertiser and eClean Magazine, the article will not run and no fees will be charged.



If you have an event that you would like us to consider adding to the eClean events web page and calendar of events, please email them to with the subject line “EVENT LISTING.” It is fully up to the discretion of eClean Magazine whether to list the event or not.

eClean Magazine does attend/highlight a few industry events each year as press. Generally, eClean will run an event follow-up article within two issues after the event. However, unless a specific agreement is reached in writing prior to the event’s date, the question of if and when a follow up article is to run is left up to the publisher’s discretion. Follow-up articles are based on feedback from the participants, not the publisher’s personal opinion of the event. As of November 5, eClean will not publish attendance numbers unless a list of attendees or some form of physical proof is provided by the event sponsors.

eClean will allow associations to submit one free article before their events, providing only the basics: the date and location, the schedule, the cost, and how to register. This must be submitted by a representative of the association or it will not be included in the magazine.


Onsite Facility Tours

eClean will occasionally tour facilities and report on the experience. In these situations, eClean will require the facility owner pay for travel expenses if the trip is exclusively for these purposes. If eClean staff is already in the area, travel expense reimbursement may not be required.



eClean staff may occasionally attend classes and/or schools to learn more about specific cleaning applications. In these instances, eClean may provide a follow-up article on the experience and/or advertising space in exchange for waiving training registration fee, provided both parties agree to the terms in writing.


Association News

eClean welcomes association-provided articles related to technical and business-related topics (e.g., how to clean, how to market, etc.), and if these articles meet editorial guidelines, the publisher may choose to run them as time and space allows. Additionally, because of space restrictions in the printed version of eClean, these articles may sometimes run online only. These will be credited to the author and/or the association, along with a link to the association’s website.

Articles that are designed to discuss the organization itself – i.e, member benefits, programs, events, member profiles, etc. – may now only be promoted through PAID advertising or as a sponsored (purchased) article. (Events can be listed on the events page for free.) The rates for these are listed on the eClean Advertising page. Sponsored articles must adhere to the sponsored article guidelines laid out above. Articles with subjective claims such as “It was the best event ever”) will be considered advertising and charged accordingly unless the claim is in the form of a quote from someone who participated.

eClean holds the right to trade advertising space in exchange for registration and/or exhibit space at industry events as long as both parties agree to the terms in writing.



eClean’s advertising rates and specifications are listed on the eClean Advertising page. eClean holds the right to refuse advertising that contains content that it deems inappropriate. This includes things such as the use of foul or vulgar language, inappropriate images (e.g., nudity), information that has been proven to be false, and ads that are designed to defame or disparage another person, company or product. Again, it is up to the discretion of eClean to determine the appropriateness of an ad.


Copyright and Plagiarism

eClean is not responsible for determining whether submitted articles or artwork are original, but will remove any items that have been legally proven to be in copyright violation.




Policies/procedures may be added, revised or removed when necessary.