October 01, 2023

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IWCA Announces Safety Certified Window Cleaners

IWCA Announces Safety Certified Window Cleaners

The International Window Cleaners Association Board of Directors and staff are pleased to announce the following individuals who have earned their IWCA Safety Certifications. As part of the Safety Certification program, these window cleaners will be certified in their respective categories until 2017. At that time, they will need to renew their certification with another amination.

Congratulations to these individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the industry by advancing their safety education and professionalism.

Acme Window Cleaners – New Orleans, LA

Willis Everidge, Certified High Rise Specialist

Scott Hebert, Certified High Rise Specialist

Clean & Polish Building Solutions – Wilmington, DE

Lawrence D. Green, Certified High Rise Specialist

Columbia Building Services– Minneapolis, MN

Kale Pham, Certified High Rise Specialist

Jett Services – Austin, TX

Richard Gonzales, Certified High Rise Specialist

Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp.- Houston, TX

Martin Esqueda, Certified High Rise Specialist

Tara Smarr, Certified High Rise Specialist

PureView, LLC – Chelsea, MA

Sergio Serpa, Certified High Rise Specialist

About the IWCA Safety Certification Program

IWCA Safety Certification Program consists of five different certifications: Route/Residential, Commercial Ground,

Rope Descent Systems, Suspended Scaffold and High Rise Specialist. Window cleaners learn about the safe use of basic window cleaning equipment and chemicals, and/or the use of more complicated equipment including high-rise access equipment. They will also gain an understanding of how to assess a job site for hazards and what can be done to overcome

those hazards.

The enrolled trainee is required to complete three online open book tests. Once those tests are complete, the trainee must take the final exam. The final exam is an in-person, proctored exam following a half-day review session. The final exam will be offered during regional safety trainings and during the annual conference. Certifications are valid for five years.

About the IWCA

The International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) is a non-profit trade 501(c)(6) association committed to raising the standards of professionalism within the window cleaning industry. The IWCA represents all facets of the window cleaning industry, from high rise to route work, residential to industrial. Through its various programs, the IWCA promotes safety, training and a highly professional, responsible image of the window cleaning professional. The IWCA delivers at least three regional safety training programs a year at various locations throughout the country. These programs cover all aspects of window cleaning safety and equipment use. The IWCA is also the secretariat for the American National Standard, IWCA I 14.1 Window Cleaning Safety. For more information, call 1-800-875-4922 or visit them at www.iwca.org

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