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Latest Features of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Latest Features of Carpet Cleaning Machines

(Page 26 of the April 2012 eClean Magazine)

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By Lauren Zwiebel, Daimer Industries

Carpet cleaning machines are commonly used for cleaning soft surfaces such as carpets and upholstery. Pressure washers and steam cleaners have high output power, but are used for hard surfaces. Pressure washers draw power from their output pressure, while steam cleaners offer cleaning power through high output temperature. On the other hand, carpet cleaning machines have moderate pressure levels and temperature settings to ensure delicate carpet fibers are not ruined. Carpet cleaners do not need to have the high output power. These are mainly used to clean mats, carpets, upholstery, and other soft surfaces. If the machine has high output power, it might end up damaging the soft surfaces. As a result of this limited output power, the technological advances in carpet cleaning machines have focused on other aspects, for example, in trying to speed up the cleaning process. This article deals with some of latest features of carpet extractors.

Heated Output

One of the most significant advances in carpet cleaning machines is that these machines now offer heated output. These machines can provide an output temperature of 210°F. Conventional machines offer cold water output. In such machines, the quality of the cleaning agent and human power of using the wand are the only factors that determine the cleaning efficiency.

In heated carpet cleaning machines, the output temperature, too, plays a part. These machines are equipped with a heating element that raises the output temperature of the machine.

Quick Cleaning

For speeding up the cleaning process, it is important to have the machines containing multiple heating elements. These machines reach the maximum output temperature fast. Needless to say, such machines help to increase the speed and efficiency of the cleaning process.

Specialized Wands

Wands are important parts in the working of commercial carpet cleaners. These machines work by injecting and simultaneously extracting a mixture of cleaning agent and water into mats and carpets. After allowing some time for the cleaning agent to act on the surface, the cleaning workers agitate the surface with the wand attached with the machine.

The greater the power and efficiency of agitation, the better will be the cleaning process. Previously, conventional machines had a single wand for all types of surface. Modern commercial carpet cleaners offer multiple wands.

For example, carpet cleaner machines used in auto detailing have separate wands for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Wands for upholstery cleaning need to be harder and sturdier than the carpet wands

Low Flow Technology

A major consideration for cleaning workers when using carpet cleaning machines is the drying time. Every customer will want to use their carpets, mats, and upholstery as soon as possible after the cleaning process. Using a wet surface will result in accumulation of further dirt.

The only solution to this problem is using rug steam cleaners equipped with low flow technology. This technology limits the quantity of output that flows to the surface without constraining the cleaning power. Such rug steam cleaners ensure that the surfaces dry up quickly, normally in about two to six hours.

These commercial cleaners minimize water wastage and are good for use even in places with limited drainage facilities.

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