December 08, 2023

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How to Get Your Facebook Business Page Seen Despite FB’s New Changes

How to Get Your Facebook Business Page Seen Despite FB’s New Changes

by Allison Hester, eClean Editor Earlier this week, Facebook made a minor adjustment to their news feed algorithm. With this tweak, you will begin to see more text-only posts from your friends, but fewer text-only posts from business pages. The reason is that text-only posts on business pages get less engagement (e.g.., likes, shares and comments). Facebook has also said they will begin to start promoting more “link share” posts from business pages in the newsfeed. A link share post means it includes a link – but it’s not just a link in the text. This is an example of what a link share is NOT: Linkshare1         Instead, a “link share” post has an image in the post PLUS a title and description, and of course, a link.

How to make a Link Share Post

When you add a link to your status update then hit RETURN, your post automatically pulls the linked site’s title and description, and usually a picture as well. FBLink2             Once that information is pulled from the site, you can remove the actual link that you typed in – i.e., in our example above it’s – from the post that you typed. The description, title and photo (if the site has one) should remain  clickable. lp3                 Ta da! You’ve created a link-share post. As a business page owner, this is a smart practice, not only because your post is more likely to be shown by Facebook to more people, but because your post is larger than if you just embedded the link in the text you wrote out on your post. And bigger usually means better when it comes to Facebook engagement – especially with business pages.

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