December 03, 2023

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Preview of August eClean

Preview of August eClean


Cleaning Focus: Fleet Washing

The Equipment, Chemicals and the Market


Plus, these articles by industry professionals:

Marketing Your Pressure Washing Business Online

by Anya Curry, Abidextrous Services

The internet can be a black hole, sucking your time and resources away while your business suffers. However, it can also be the lifeblood of your business, feeding new leads and reaching repeat customers. Use common sense to tell the difference. Track your results, analyze profits, make adjustments. The internet is constantly evolving. You should be too.


How to Buy Cleaning Chemicals

by Rick Meehan, Marko Janitorial Supplies

Soaps are staple products of the cleaning industry, yet most contractors do not understand how to pick from among the myriad choices on the market. To save money and get the job done, cleaning contractors must become savvy buyers; otherwise, precious dollars will be flushed down the toilet. With this in mind, let’s begin to dispel the misconceptions.


Selling to Women

by Morgan Booz, Roof Cleaning Maryland by AccuWash

 It is important to understand the reasoning behind women buying habits to effectively market and sell your service.  In the end, this is all about the bottom line and the bottom line is “Know your Demographic!”


Pinterest! Are you on it? Have you heard of it?

by Chris Dezi, Silverback Social

Chances are, your customers have! And they may be on there pinning your company, looking for your products, or recommending your competitors.

What the heck is Pinterest anyway?

  • Should you be using Pinterest for my business?
  • What are some Pinterest best practices for entrepreneurs?
  • How can Pinterest help your company?

To keep up with your customers, you have to keep up with social media. Enjoy an upcoming insightful article on Pinterest from social media expert and CEO of Silverback Social, Chris Dessi.  Chris’s article will  make sure you are in-tuned with the hot social media platform de jour!

Plus a preview of PWNA’s Annual Conference in Orlando…


…and more!


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