November 28, 2023

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PWNA Vendor Profile: J. Racenstein

PWNA Vendor Profile: J. Racenstein

J. Racenstein has been a leading supplier of window cleaning equipment for over 100 years. The industry has significantly grown and evolved since the company began in 1909, and so has J. Racenstein. No longer just a window cleaning equipment supplier, today’s J. Racenstein provides not only a huge variety of window cleaning supplies, but also a wide assortment of cleaning chemicals, soft washing equipment, pressure washing accessories and safety equipment.

“Today there is a very large cross section in the cleaning industries. We’re finding that at least 50 percent of window cleaners have also done some pressure washing, and 50 percent of pressure washing contractors have also done some window cleaning,” said Steve Blyth. “It makes sense. The more services the mobile contractor can offer the same customer, the less time you have to spend traveling and looking for additional work.”

About J. Racenstein

Steve Blyth and Cameron Riddell purchased J. Racenstein in April 2005. The company has two physical offices: a corporate headquarters and warehouse in Carson, California, and another warehouse in Secaucus, New Jersey. However, the company’s staff is spread out across the country.

“We have a virtual workforce that work from various parts of the country,” Blyth explained, adding that their sales staff includes longtime window cleaners. “So when you call with questions, we have knowledgeable, helpful people on staff who understand how to help you.”

J. Racenstein’s expert, highly-trained staff is one factor that Blyth says separates their company from its competitors. Some other advantages include their:

• Variety of products from more than 35 top brands

• Deep inventory – products are in-stock and ship the same day

• Widespread industry support, meaning the company regularly attends a number of educational venues as well as hosting their own educational events for the industry; and

•Deep selection of water-fed poles and pure water systems.

It’s these last two points that led J. Racenstein to recently join the PWNA.

J. Racenstein’s staff strongly believes in supporting and educating the industry, which is why any time there is an educational event where a dozen or more people are coming to learn, J. Racenstein will do its best to show up. “We believe in really supporting our customers, and we go where they ask us to go,” Blyth added.

Last March, the company participated in the 2013 Pressure Washing Seminar in Albany, New York, and at that time several customers asked if they would come to the 2013 PWNA Conference and Technical Seminar in Orlando. “We wanted to support those who have supported us, and so we have joined the PWNA and are looking forward to attending their upcoming event.”

On Friday, October 18, Blyth will be speaking on “The Power of Pure Water.” As he explained, power washing companies often come in to clean a building or home, leaving the building itself looking beautiful, but the windows are spotty and unattractive. Contractors may have no interest in going back with a squeegee to clean the windows, but they no longer have to.

“Power washing contractors can now easily add window cleaning services using pure water technology – which means more money in their pockets and happier customers at the same time,” Blyth explained. Specifically, Blyth’s presentation will focus on how the technology works, how to choose equipment, and how to use it to increase your bottom line.

“Most contractors carry two sizes of poles – a 12-foot pole for reaching ground-level floors, and a 31-foot pole for higher buildings. We will also have these in the exhibit hall for people to see first-hand and ask questions.”

As the “New Kids on the Block,” Blyth added that he’s very much looking forward to meeting new power washing contractors, as well as talking with his current customers who attend the PWNA event. “We want to evolve our understanding of the power washing industry, as well as help more contractors gain new understanding power of pure water. They are very compatible. It’s definitely a win-win.”

Finally, Blyth added that he is very interested in learning what J. Racenstein can do to better serve PWNA members. “My boss is my customer. We’re always open to finding any need we can help fill.” To learn more about J. Racenstein or to order a catalog, visit their website at To learn more about the PWNA, visit their website.

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