December 08, 2023

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The Fastest Way To Clean Pet Odor And Stains From Carpets

The Fastest Way To Clean Pet Odor And Stains From Carpets

by Michael Brooke, 

Those of us in the contract cleaning business are constantly presented with different types of carpet stains. In any given week my team and I could be expected to clean everything from ink stains to red win stains. One particular type of stain proves to be especially stubborn though. It’s one of our most popular requests from customers. I’m referring to the dreaded pet urine stains and the odor that goes along with them. Yuck!

The commonality of the stain is only part of the problem. Pet urine is also be one of the most stubborn and hard to remove stains you can face as a cleaner. Many homeowners have experienced this first hand after trying and failing to clean a pet stain themselves. They think they have the stain all removed but the smell lingers long after they’ve cleaned.

That’s why it can be a lucrative service for you to offer your customers. Today I’m going to show you a tried and true method for removing pet stains your clients will love. It’s also going to be incredibly quick so that you can lift the stain and move on in no time. So lets see how it’s done.

Getting Started
Dampen a disposable cleaning cloth with cool water. It’s important the water is cool and not warm or hot. Warm water will react with the bacteria in the stain making it smell worse. Gently pat at the stain until it begins to lift. Rinse the cloth at regular intervals.

Clean Using Natural Ingredients
Many don’t believe it when I tell them that you can create powerful cleaning products using natural household items. When they find out they can clean stains with nothing but vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice they are understandably quite shocked. Nevertheless it’s completely true.

Splash some vinegar over the stained area. Continue to work at lifting the stain applying vinegar liberally at first and more sparingly as the stain lifts. The vinegar will act to sanitize the stain. Once it looks like the stain is completely removed all you need to do is crush some baking soda into the carpet. Let it sit for a good amount of time. At least 15 minutes or until it dries completely.

Then all that’s left to do is suck up the dry powder with your favorite brand vacuum cleaner. By this stage the stain should be completely removed. If so, I like to finish off wish a pinch if lemon for freshness.

Repeat As and When Necessary
If you’ve done all that and you can still see or smell the pet stain then you should repeat the entire process. It may seem tedious but eradicating every last bit of bacteria left in the stain is the only way to totally remove any mark or stench. It’s for this reason that I like to repeat the process twice from the beginning. It doesn’t take too long and a double clean never hurt anyone. I explain this to my customers at times when I’m doing it. They appreciate the attention to detail.

At this stage the carpet should be clean, the customer happy and you can be on your merry way. You see the service isn’t too difficult and one you can easily accomplish with minimal fuss. I hope the guide in this article gave you some good advice for the next time you tackle a tough pet stain.

About the Author

Michael Brooke is the owner and operator of Although he lives all the way down in Australia he still knows how to clean stains all over the world. He and his team deal with pet stains on a daily basis and have become somewhat of experts in their local area.

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